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I Ditched The Diaper - I Ditched The Diaper


I Ditched the diaper :) - At the first time I felt a little nervous to wear my TeenyB, but immediately I fell in love with the style, it makes me feel so sexy. I want to buy another one for my next vacations!

Dawn R

Diapers into art - Once I had my Teeny B bikini, I could never go back to my old "diapers"... so I created art for this contest with them!


Hot + Wet - Love the TeenyB swimsuits. I enjoy the compliments I receive when wearing TeenyB. Looking forward to adding a few more to my collection. Thanks


I've converted to the TeenyB - I recently bought my TeenyB, and I'll never buy anything else again. I can't believe how awesome it fits and how great I feel in it. TeenyB, you rock!!


BeachLv - My TeenyB fits much better than any other bikini! So glad I ditched the diaper. I always have my TeenyB when I head to the beach! It looks terrific.

Liz C

Liz's TeenyB! - I LOVE my TeenyB! So glad I ditched the diaper!


Love my TeenyB! - I love how my TeenyB fits! I had searched everywhere for a pucker bottom bikini that fit great and was well made. TeenyB is it! I can't wait to get another one!

Ms. W.

I ditched the diaper - I love TeenyB, I will never wear another bikini again.

ditched it!

I ditched that diaper - I switched over to teeny bikini's last year- so so so happy. So many compliments - from my man, to my mom to strangers on the beach in Cartagena! Love these bathing suits!


I Ditched the Diaper - I am a huge fan of TeenyB!!I ditched the diaper for an incredible TeenyB and can't wait to try a different style! I love the way it fits and feels!!! Thanks soooo much TeenyB!!


Favorite TeenyB! - I love my TeenyB Brazilian Half Pucker.


Diaper Graduation - At one point, we all wore diapers... but now it's time to graduate to a TeenyB.


So glad I Ditched My Diaper! - What a huge difference the TeenyB bikinis make, especially for well rounded bottoms;)I never felt comfortable in other bottoms but now I walk the beach with confidence!


I love my TeenyB - I get asked by women on the beach all the time where I got my cute bikini. It looks great and fits perfect. I’m so glad I found it!


Droopy Bikini No More - I hated walking around in a droopy bikini bottom. I work hard for my body so I want to show it off. My new TeenyB bikini does just that! Love their style!


In Love With TeenyB - I never knew a bikini could fit this good. I thought I was doomed to walk around in a saggy bottom. When I first tried on my TeenyB, I instantly fell in love!